Orange Juice Vending Machine

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Orange juice vending machine

3000MAX orange juice vending machine By multi payment selection and automatic squeezed system it only take 45 seconds chill, cut and squeeze oranges into a sealed cup for immediate consumption.


Multiple payment methods




Orange Juice Vending Machine Application:

There are an unlimited number of locations that Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine can be successfully located, just some locations that can work well at are as follows:Schools,Gymnasiums,Train Stations,Recreation Center,Sports Stadiums,Shopping,Center,Hospitals,Airports etc.


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  • Always fresh
    With ozone disinfection and refrigerator that stores the oranges at 5º C
  • 21.6" LCD display
    Touchscreen display with Ad space
  • Diversified Payment Methods
    Bills, credit card and NFC payments
  • Visual window
    Customers can watch the squeezing process
  • All the information in real time
    Keep up to date with your sales and the profitability


Orange juice vending machines are very popular all over the world.

Especially in some South America, such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela. We also have some clients from Australia, New Zealand and some Europe countries. In some Arabia countries, such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, their demands to pursuit intelligent machines are satisfied.

We not only supply good quality machines with intelligent system, but also supply remote technical support, such as video guide or video call. And our engineers will visit some agents in Europe and USA every year. We believe we will be your reliable back force as soon as you choose us.

Orange juice vending machine

Machine size 1330*930*2100 mm
Orange storage About 335 oranges
Cup size 12OZ(350ml +/-)
Temperature Adjustable from 0-5 degree
Squeezing speed 45 secs
Payment methods Coins and notes acceptor,credit card