Cotton Candy Vending Machine

The machine covers an area of ​​less than 1㎡ and occupies a small space


The advantages of fully automatic cotton candy machine: beautiful equipment, easy to place, flexible delivery, easy installation, strong automation, convenient movement, quality assurance, low failure rate, cloud monitoring, PC terminal, mobile terminal, easy handheld operation, advanced production Equipment, hardware accessories, new raw material production, smart retail.

Technical Parameters

Machine power consumption250W~2800W
VoltageAC220V 50HZ
Cleaning water consumption10pcs / 500ml
Sugar consumption25-30pcs sugar / KG
Humidification water consumption3-9L/8hours
Machine dimension1465mm*643m
Gross weight300KG
Environment temperature Indoor temperature0°C-40°C
Maximum inclination of transport30°
Scrren size21.5 inch
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Candy cotton vending machine features


① The appearance of the machine is more beautiful, and the pattern is more stable

② The light box has been upgraded and the internal structure has been optimized

③ High efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs

④ Water vapor is produced inside the burner, with high efficiency

⑤ Built-in humidifier burner, super water-saving, no sugar and no water consumption

⑥ No need for pure water to solve the problem of burner blockage

⑦ The compatibility of ambient temperature and humidity is better, and the noise of the fan is reduced

⑧ No condensation, outdoors in winter, can be clearly seen when making sugar

⑨ The whole machine is guaranteed for one and a half years, the burner is guaranteed for one year, and the Android board and main board are guaranteed for two years ⑩ 24-hour automatic operation, convenient payment, low cost and high profit

Product details