Ice Cream Vending Machine

Customized services, Multiple payment methods
Any combination of various flavors


4000MAX automatic ice cream vending machine a new smart retail model, customized services, multiple payment methods, fast delivery, and efficient puffing will give you the same ice cream taste


Multiple payment methods





Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine

Due to the small size of ice cream vending machines, the selection of points is diversified, and high-traffic vending machines such as schools, subway stations, shopping malls, communities, and office buildings can be deployed.

The ice cream vending machine has more advantages in the arrangement. It can lay an effective channel network, cover the target users and shorten the distance with consumers.

Cloud synchronization, data checking at any time, one-click replenishment, filling, one-click cleaning, automatic switch machine, automatic insurance, material shortage warning, fault reporting... easy operation.


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  • Attractive appearance: Colorful design with catch much attention.
  • Big Touch Screen: 23.6 inches LCD touch screen.
  • Payment System : Accept Banknote, coin, Alipay, Wechat and Credit card.  
  • Easy to manage:remote control.


Ice cream vending advantages:

1. Fully automatic, unattended

24h full self-service unattended system, no labor cost.

2. High expansion rate

Newly upgraded puffing pump, high puffing rate, output increased by 30%

3. Intelligent management platform

Intelligent background management, remote monitoring of machine conditions, easy control of sales, and real-time viewing of sales data.

4. Energy saving

The selection of international brand compressors, supplemented by Xuzhong's exquisite craftsmanship, greatly shortens the ice cream forming time and saves energy.

Soft ice cream vending machine

Machine size 950*1000*1800MM
Taste of auxiliary Materials 3kinds of jam 3 kinds of topping
Total power 1500W
Touch screen 23.6 inch or 32 inch
Language All main languages availabe
Payment methods Coins and notes acceptor,credit card