Cone Ice Cream Vending Machine

Customized services, Multiple payment methods
Any combination of various flavors


4000MAX-MINE The cone ice cream vending machine is fully computer controlled, digital display, easy to operate, and the softness of the ice cream produced can be adjusted. Italian brand cold compressor, fast cooling and long life.



Cone Ice Cream Vending Machine

For ice cream machine cleaning, NEWSAIER provides you with the automatic cleaning function of this equipment to make cleaning easier.

The soft ice cream machine adopts an electronic numerical control module, which can be automatically controlled and has a discharge calculation function. At the same time, the hardness of the ice cream machine can be adjusted at any time.

The ice cream machine is made of stainless steel. The appearance is simple and generous, and the ice cream produced is fresh, fashionable, healthy and green as the theme product positioning, and the soft ice cream machine is low in price and small in investment.


  • The product has a small footprint, light weight, and casters for easy movement.
  • Low power, easy to operate.
  • The milk milk is stored at low temperature, and the taste is delicate and sweet.  
  • Fast delivery speed, 20 seconds to deliver a cup.


Cone Ice Cream Vending Machine Process:

1.Take cone out, then you need to put the cone on the cup holder.

2. Put coin into machine from coin slot or scan the QR code on the screen to do payment.

3. The machine makes ice cream.

4. Take out the ice cream cone and enjoy it.

Cone ice cream vending machine

Machine size 700*450*1600 MM
Machine weight 70KG/80KG
Tank storage 5L milk tank/70 PCS
Cup material Cone ice cream
Language All main languages availabe
Payment methods Coins and notes acceptor